Spanish baroque music

“[... La interpretación fue brillante en lo vocal y en lo instrumental...] [..Las voces se mostraron boyantes, sobre todo en el Miserere, remarcando con una pulcritud exquisita cada uno de los matices polifónicos de la obra...]"


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Amor, no te llame amor

Songs from Spanish Golden Age Theatre

This programme presents a selection of tonos or canciones from the Spanish Golden Age, most of them unpublished, by four of the best Spanish composers of the time—Juan Hidalgo, Juan de Navas, Sebastián Durón and Francisco Valls. A tono is a solo song, usually with a profane text, whose origin can be found in the songs or airs performed in comedies, operas and zarzuelas. Such songs were taken out of the works for which they were composed and came to form part of a separate repertoire in court circles not only in Spain but also in Austria and France, where they enjoyed great success. 


Requiem por una dinastía // Música de Sebastián Durón (1660-1716)

Opera Omnia 


Opera Omnia is a Spanish vocal and instrumental group that specialises in early music conducted by Isaac M. Pulet. It brings together the ideas and experience of musicians who play regularly in such relevant groups as English Baroque Soloists under John Eliot Gardiner, Le Poème Harmonique with Vincent Dumestre and Hesperión XXI with Jordi Savall. They focus on recovering the Spanish musical heritage of baroque and classical times using original instruments and the most appropriate performing techniques for each repertoire. Reference is made to the original treatises and other sources with the aim of recreating the original style while also adding a touch of audacity and novelty. The resulting versions sound fresh and lively and offer great virtuosity.


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